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Given the sheer volume of content needed to sustain ongoing marketing initiatives, few organizations have the budget to rely exclusively on custom content development. Content curation describes the process of searching, filtering, repurposing and adding value to other content sources. These sources may include industry news, vendor materials and your own internal content. CMS provides content curation services that work in concert with our custom content development.

Optimized content is essential to the success of your organic search and social media strategies as well as your content marketing campaign. Optimization strikes a fine balance between search optimization and readability, integrating keywords into a strong and impactful message.

CMS has organic search expertise as well as content development skills and applies the right SEO techniques to make your web pages rank well in search engines. We can also help you with the “mechanics” of SEO, including on-page optimization.

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“Content is key . . . you can never have enough of it and you have to keep cycling it and keep it relevant for the audience you serve.”
— Laura Ramos, VP, Forrester Research

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Cooper Marketing Solutions helps organizations develop and execute a content strategy to ensure that a broad range of fresh content is always available to their clients and prospects.

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Cooper Marketing Solutions provides content-based marketing services for technology solution providers and firms that offer cloud-based and managed services.

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We are constantly filtering, reviewing and discussing the latest trends and data in content marketing. Join the conversation.

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